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Borehole Drilling

If you’re in search of reliable borehole drilling services, look no further than Aqua Blue Ltd. Operating both in Nairobi and across the country, we offer comprehensive borehole solutions that go beyond just drilling. From water treatment to geological surveys, our services are designed to provide you with a sustainable water supply. For a more detailed look at our borehole services, here are the key components we offer:

  • Professional Borehole Drilling
  • Water Treatment Solutions
  • Pump Installation Services
  • Comprehensive Borehole Maintenance
  • Geological Surveys and Assessments
  • Water Quality Testing
  • Borehole Rehabilitation
  • Pump Testing and Calibration
  • Site Evaluation and Feasibility Studies
  • Regulatory Compliance and Licensing
  • Customized Drilling Plans
  • Emergency Borehole Services
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