Mission and Vision Statement

Our mission is to keep our customers for life, ensure our employees remain committed to excellence and grow our brand presence in Kenya and East Africa.
We will be captains of our industry by creating unique, high-quality products to our lifetime customers. This will be achieved through award-winning designs, investments in the best technology and products and an uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction.

Core Values

Aqua Blue Ltd has always, and will always provide our customers with uncompromised quality at the best possible value. For us, quality means longevity, efficiency, performance, craftsmanship and beauty. Value includes both the purchase price and the cost of long-term maintenance. Armed with the industry’s leading long-term warranty and quality assurance program among swimming pool contractors backs our promise.


Only the highest quality of work from local craftsmen meets the exacting standards set by Aqua Blue. The entire process is enforced through Aqua Blue’s Active Quality Assurance program.


This active participation in the quest for excellence is just one of the reasons why Aqua Blue has been doing business for so many years. Aqua Blue is a dependable company that you can rely on to offer a superior product and service. In fact, we currently boast one of the most extensive and relied upon warranty, service, and repair programs in the country.


Not only has Aqua Blue become the pre-eminent pool contractor in Kenya, we have applied our expertise to “complete water solutions”. From designing, engineering, through construction, Aqua Blue has been able to meet or exceed the needs of their customers with a level of expertise that is unparalleled.


This year Aqua Blue is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. For 19 years it has been setting and achieving goals in pursuit of excellence. Creating dreams with a combination of rock structures such as Mazeras, concrete art, waterfalls and streams, water displays, and pools has been its passion and reward. Continuing to expand their capabilities, Aqua Blue has its eyes fixed on the future.


Philip Gaitho Kinyanjui leads the team at Aqua Blue Limited.
With over 20 years experience in the swimming pool construction and maintenance industry, Mr Kinyanjui has what it takes to drive the strategic vision of the company.

Company Organization




Aqua Blue Ltd has a healthy balance sheet; we have consistently returned a profit and enjoy a healthy cash flow. We can undertake projects of any size and can meet any financial security requirements needed for any project. We also enjoy a healthy relationship with our bankers. Our audited accounts are available upon request by contacting us via the contact information listed on the title page of this profile.



Our project managers, field technicians are highly qualified in swimming pool construction, maintenance and water management. All key personnel involved in projects hold advanced diplomas in water management from respected local educational institutions.